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My Dirty Hobby! We’ve all suffered from “meet single horny girls in your area tonight!” and links to well-known porn sites. How many times do they try to trick you into creating a “free account” on a site like this, and you think that maybe this time it’s reliable and that you can fuck before nightfall? I just hope you never give out your credit card details on any of the many fraudulent sites. Because nobody is going to fuck you (well, in fact they may get fucked, but in the sense of emptying your credit account instead of balls).

In any case, although we have all seen fake sites that promise real encounters with beautiful girls in your area, one thing is certain: none of them does what it promises. You only receive hundreds and hundreds of emails that end up directly in your spam folder. But I’ve always wondered why there are no authentic websites for possible sexual encounters. It is as if our options are limited to dating sites like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid.

All these sites are good for a date and you may end up fucking a gorgeous boobie. But (and it’s a big but), you need to work it out. I have fucked thousands of times thanks to Tinder. But it has not always been easy for me. Each and every powder has cost me a lot of effort and energy that I would rather have saved myself. Everyone knows that if you are on Tinder it is because you want to fuck, however, the girls in these places do not always make it easy for you. Why aren’t there places where girls clearly say what they want? A place where you don’t have to woo her because you both clearly know why you are there?

Well it seems that in the end I have found the answer to this problem and it is a site called My Dirty Hobby. The name may be familiar to you. Maybe you have seen a video produced by My Dirty Hobby in one of the many free porn tubes that exist. In any case, I’m happy to say that the site is much more than a bunch of amateur porn videos. is a very exciting social network with lots of hot girls to chat in or out of your area.

Webcam site – Amateur porn site – Adult social network

Partly a webcam site, partly a social network and partly a porn site, My Dirty Hobby combines the best of all our favorite adult sites into one. If all you want to do is jerk off quickly with old-time porn, you can do it. If you are looking for something a little more interactive, talk (and even share your video broadcast) with one of the beautiful webcam girls the site offers.

Or you may prefer to throw the rod and see if you can meet a girl from your area; if so, you also have that option. The only limitation of My Dirty Hobby is the one that you put on. Well, and the money. It’s always a question of money, right?

My Dirty Hobby employs a coin system that may be familiar to you if you’ve used an adult cam site before. Instead of paying girls directly, you buy tokens called Dirty Cents. And everything you do or see in My Dirty Hobby costs a certain amount of coins. Even something as simple as seeing a girl’s photos costs money. Many girls also offer their own homemade porn and sell it on the site in exchange for Dirty Cents (they set the price).

Oh and before I forget, My Dirty Hobby differs from any other social network you have ever been in in that they charge even for messaging you (about 10 Dirty Cents for every message sent). So even if you have the possibility to talk to a girl and then end up sucking your dick, you will have to pay to try it, so you better apply yourself thoroughly! Don’t even waste 10 Dirty Cents just to say something like “what’s up?”.

Great site design, very easy to use

The site is very well designed. Although it has a lot of nooks and crannies, you will never be confused when using it or finding what you are looking for. This is due in part to the handy navigation menu on the left of every page you visit. It is clearly organized and makes navigating the site very intuitive. You just have to choose between “Amateurs” (Online, Best amateurs, Best debutants, Exclusive amateurs), “Webcams”, “Videos” (Latest, Best, Selling videos, Categories), “Photos”, “Community”, “My Profile “,” Upgrade to VIP “,” Favorites “,” Notifications “, My Visitors”, “Wish List” and “My Library” (Recently Viewed, My Playlists).

Very easy, right? Below the navigation bar, you will find a map of your country. Click comfortably in your state to see the members of your zone. On the right, in the center of the home page, you’ll find a gallery of featured girls who are online. I only have than click on a thumbnail to see their profile. Below is a thumbnail gallery corresponding to the best videos of the week and then a gallery of live amateur cam miniatures. Also, to make it even easier, on the right side of the page you will find a chat box and a list of your favorite girls. Here you will easily know if there are any online and in a matter of seconds you can send them a message, access their camera or go to their profile.

Each member’s profile includes a timeline of their posts (including videos and photos, ordered from most recent to oldest), a tab dedicated exclusively to their videos, another to their photos, an About Me section, and a Blog. You can chat comfortably with her or add her to your favorites with a single click. But be careful. As I said, every little thing you do (send a message, watch videos, watch photos, or access the live stream) will cost you Dirty Cents. It can be a lot of pasta in a short time.

Boring cameras, underpaid models
Now that I’ve come back to the subject, let’s talk about the webcam broadcasts for a moment. My Dirty Hobby has a slightly different approach than regular adult webcam sites. While at most camera sites you don’t have to pay anything to see a girl outside of private mode, in My Dirty Hobby, just accessing a girl’s public stream will cost you a pretty penny. In fact, the lowest price I’ve seen is 99 Dirty Cents per minute (up to 299 per minute).

That’s a lot of money considering you have no idea what the girl will or will be willing to do when you access her video broadcast. And I repeat that you have to pay at least the initial 99 Dirty Cents just to access her camera and see if you are interested in staying. Then you have to pay even more to be able to speak privately with her. I think the system fails, especially since the girls in My Dirty Hobby seem a little more conservative than the ones in, say, Chaturbate or Cam Soda. I entered about five rooms in which the girls were fully dressed and seemed to intend to continue like this.

That must have something to do with the fact that, as one of them told me, My Dirty Hobby gets a good pinch of what girls earn. According to her, the site takes 50% of its profits. And that’s a fucking robbery. No wonder the girls try to get you all the Dirty Cents they can instead of getting to work quickly, considering that their pimps take half of everything they earn. I would beg My Dirty Hobby to drop that percentage so everyone would be happier, both the model and the viewer.

But having said that, if you have a lot of pasta and want a social network of amateur porn goddesses with whom you can talk or jerk off, My Dirty Hobby is the place for you. I really like the site’s model, with interactive / social porn, and I wish there were more sites like that because I think that’s where online porn should evolve, although it would be much better if it didn’t cost me an eye.

Anyone who reads my reviews regularly knows how much I hate the ads, and luckily My Dirty Hobby doesn’t have any (or at least I didn’t see it), though I’d rather put up some ads so you don’t have to pay even to breathe ! And also for the beautiful girls to start earning real money for what they do.